Saturday, September 27, 2008

Shedra Visit

On September 24, my next to last day in India this trip, Ngodup and I visited the shedra (monastic university) being constructed about 2 hours from Siliguri. The existing shedra is located in South India and is not practical because of the distance from Bokar Monastery, requiring many days travel to get back and forth. The new shedra is still under construction, but a lot has been accomplished in the last two years.

The main building housing the main shrineroom, a Tara shrine, library with computer cataloging, monks quarters, Rinpoche quarters and quarters for the Karmapa is HUGE! The main Buddha statue in the shrine room is over 50 feet tall, and will be flanked by two slightly smaller statues. All of this under a huge roof with no internal supports, so everyone will have an unobstructed view of whatever ceremonies or teachings are held here. It is envisioned that the Mahamudra or Yidam seminars might be held in the 'smaller' Tara shrine that would easily accommodate a few hundred people.

The 20+ acre complex is large by Indian standards and is located far from any major population centers. A very small village, a tea estate and military land form the boundaries of the site and assure that any development will be limited to one side, through which the road leads to the shedra from the main highway.

Dining Hall

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Jeff Alworth said...

It's huge. I had no idea!