Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Road to Pullahari

Some (many) roads in Nepal are not passable in Monsoon; and we're experiencing the last rains during our visit. So I knew the road to Pullahari could be difficult; but I wasn't prepared for the sea of mud that confronted our taxi, even on this sunny day. I took a picture on the way down; I was too worried whether we would make it on the way up, to do anything but pray our way through each mud hole.

Pullahari is an amazingly beautiful monastery, with spectacular views of the Kathmandu valley. Caren and I listened to students from a local Tibetan School chant long life prayers for His Holiness Dalai Lama and others. We had lunch at the cafeteria, enjoying the views and the cool breeze as we ate our spring rolls and polkhara. Caren bought some candy and gave it to some little monks.

A kind monk showed us the library with its beautiful parquet wood floors. We also spent some time in the shrine room housing Jamgon Kontrul's kudong (body).

Tonight we lit candles near the stupa. Caren lit them for the completion of Eric's retreat and I lit them for Char's retreat, to remove all obstacles from their paths.


Gowri said...

I wish you and Caren happy, safe and comfortable journey. Thanks for taking time to blog and post pictures.

I am very familiar with those pot holes on the road, it brings back old memories.

I am glad you could make this journey to receive Erik and refresh your connections with the torch-bearers of Kagyu lineage. Take care.

Jeff Alworth said...

Roger, thanks for keeping us in the loop. I'll keep reading--